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Authentic Disney girls - Timeline by Niobesnuppa
Authentic Disney girls - Timeline
Here's the timeline for the game. The game's purpose is essentially to make historically accurate clothing for the Disney princesses, and this timeline shows which time periods I settled on. I have a few reasonings behind my choices.

Mulan: Mulan gets two categories because the fashion in the Disney movie is clearly based on the Han Dynasty, but the original legend the movie is based on most likely originated in the Northern Wei Dynasty.

Aurora: Prince Philip says it's the 14th century, so that's what I stick to. Unfortunately, most of the clothing in Sleeping Beauty doesn't really resemble any part of the 1300's, mainly since the fashion is more modeled on the 1950's than the medieval period since that's when the movie was made. I did some research on all the different decades of the 1300's, and the only one that even remotely resembled Aurora's main dress was the 1390's, so that's what I settled on. I also settled on Germany because of the Grimm fairytale.

Esmeralda: The Hunchback of Notre Dame takes place in 1480's France. The clothing Esmeralda wears in the movie doesn't really resemble medieval Romani clothing and more modern Romani clothing. Actual Romani people of the 1400's wore clothing very similar to Persians, with turbans and long robes. This is where the term "gypsy" comes from, because Europeans at the time thought they came from Egypt when they actually came from northern India.

Merida: Merida is actually gonna get two categories as well, but since I'm currently only working on the 1700's onwards, I haven't added a little portrait for that yet. The first category is 1490's clothing. This category is based on the actual clothing people wear in Brave. British fashion didn't really incorporate those slashes sleeves until the end of the 1400's, and since none of the women in Brave seem to wear a farthingale, it couldn't be in the 1500's either, so I figured the 1490's was a good enough compromise. Kilts didn't really come about until the 1600's, but whatever, this game won't exactly feature kilts anyway.
The second category will be Iron Age Celtic clothing. This category will be more based on the movie storywise, because the story seems a bit more oldfashioned than the 1400's, what with the whole tribal thing going on and the fact that there are still bears roaming around in Britain, since bears went extinct in Britain around the 700's. However, the clothing of Brave doesn't really resemble iron age clothing at all, so no matter which category I go with, it's still gonna feel historically inaccurate in one way or another.

Snow White: Snow White is very obviously from the German Renaissance. Her movie dress is clearly made to appeal to the 1930's fashion since that's when the movie was made, but there are a lot of elements of the German Renaissance there, such as the slashed sleeves, the stiff collar, and how colourful it is. There are a lot of parts of the German Renaissance that could be chosen as Snow White's historically accurate setting, but I went with the 1520's, because Snow White's skirt isn't really very wide, and the 1520's had a pretty slim silhouette.

Pocahontas: Clothing of the Powhatan tribe, the tribe Pocahontas belonged to. Powhatan women often only wore skirts, so this means I get to draw scary scary nipples and risk getting complaints about the game not being childfriendly, 'cause it's not like kids themselves have nipples or anything.

Belle: Belle is obviously French, and the movie seems to hint at the 1700's, although it's a little halfassed. Belle's dresses mainly look like they're from the 1850's or so, with her peasant dress looking like something from the 1940's, but the men's clothing does hint towards the 1700's with the tricorn hats, wide-sleeved coats, shoes with belt buckles on, and ponytails. Since the French royal family was executed in the French revolution in 1790's and France became very hostile towards the upper class, it's pretty safe to say the story takes place earlier than the 1790's. The 1780's fashion looks very different from the stuff Belle wears, and the 1770's was insanely over-the-top with enormous hairstyles and huge skirts. The 1750's seems the closest match since they had pretty small hairstyles and modest makeup at the time, hairstyles pretty similar to Belle's.

Jasmine: This is kind of a wild guess. Agrabah is ruled by a sultan. A lot of historical middle eastern cultures were ruled by sultans, but since a lot of them are pretty ancient and not all that well-known, it's kind of hard to find reference pictures for them. Therefore, I went with the Ottoman empire. The Ottoman empire stretched over most of the middle east, including parts of Arabia, so Agrabah can be Arabian while still being a part of the Ottoman empire.

Ariel: The Little Mermaid's fashion is all over the place, but I'm mainly going by Ariel's own dresses and the dresses seen by commoners in the background. Both the 1890's and the 1830's are a pretty good match for Ariel's dresses, but considering how oldfashioned the ships are in the movie (In the 1890's they used mostly metal ships, not wooden pirate-style ones) and how the commoners are dressed, the 1830's seemed more likely. I chose Spain because of the tropical fish and the fact that they have European-looking royalty, and because Atlantica hints towards the Atlantic ocean. I could've gone with Portugal too, but I decided not to after reading that Portugal was apparently very anti-royalty during the 1800's, so probably not the best place for a Disney princess.

Elsa: Well, Elsa and Anna, really. Frozen is supposed to take place in the 1840's, and Arendelle is very heavily based on Norway and Norwegian culture. Some of the background characters wear clothing of the 1840's, and Anna's coronation dress is fairly similar, but because the clothing in Frozen is also based on Norwegian folk dresses (in other words, farmer clothing), most of their dresses don't really resemble the 1840's all that much.

Anna: Anna's travel dress is very bunad-like, and while the clothes she wears back in Arendelle town should be more 1840's-like, since she bought her traveler's dress at Oaken's shop, it would most likely look like a bunad. The bunad is Norway's national costume. Modern bunads are very elaborate and intricately embroidered since they're based on the wedding dresses and church clothes of farmers between 1750-1900. However, this game will focus more on everyday bunads of the 1840's and 1850's, so while there will be some embroidery they will be a lot more simplistic.

Cinderella: I know I know, she's supposed to be French, but you know what? The French revolution happened. France hasn't had any real uncontroversial, long-lasting royalty since the 1790's, and Cinderella clearly takes place in the 1800's. Therefore, I settled on Belgium instead, since it's a partially French-speaking monarchy with a lot of old castles similar to Cinderella's castle. Most of the clothing in Cinderella fits more in the 1950's than anything else, but lady Tremaine wears clothes of the 1890's, and the ugly stepsisters wear clothes of the 1870's. I decided on the 1870's, mainly because when Cinderella's a little girl early in the movie, the clothes worn by her and her stepsisters look like something from the 1860's, and about 10 years would've passed after that.

Tiana: 1920's New Orleans. Not much to explain here, beyond the fact that Princess and the Frog was ALMOST historically accurate in regards to clothing, but for some reason decided that the slinky, loose shape of the 1920's wasn't princessy enough and decided to give Tiana a corset-like waist instead, even though that would've been considered very unfashionable in the 1920's. *facepalm* And her iconic princess dress? It looks so out of place! The 1920's had beautiful, elaborate cocktail dresses, so why did they have to give her something that was an entire century out of date in the 1920's?
The 10th Deity, Chapter 1 (p1) by Niobesnuppa
The 10th Deity, Chapter 1 (p1)
I'm so sorry for the long wait. D: And now there will be another wait for the next page. Oh well. At least it's something, eh?
Authentic Disney girls preview - Frozen complete by Niobesnuppa
Authentic Disney girls preview - Frozen complete
Historically accurate Anna sporting 1840's fashion. Just one of the many historical fashion categories that will be available in this game. The game will be in two parts, part 1 featuring everything before the 1700's (Mulan, Aurora, Merida, Esmeralda, Snow White, Pocahontas), part 2 featuring everything after the 1700's (Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, Elsa & Anna, Cinderella, Tiana). This preview is obviously for part 2, which is the part I'm currently working on.

Edit: Made Elsa now. I haven't added the proper regalia yet, but it's still possible to make an accurate version of her coronation dress. I might update with another version of her authentic dress once I've added the proper coronation crown and coronation mantle.

Edit 2: The court dress section of the 1840's in this game is now complete, so I updated it again, now with Elsa at her coronation, and Anna and Elsa at the ball after the coronation. I probably won't update this preview again until I start on a new character section, I don't want it to get too repetative.
In case you're wondering, Elsa is wearing the Norwegian royal crown and cape, and holding Norwegian orb and sceptre. Anna is wearing the sash of the Order of Saint Olav.
Yes, I know, I ask a lot of questions about the 10th Deity these days, but that's because I've started working on it again. So, I've decided to start drawing up the first page of chapter 1 today, but then I realised that I'm not entirely sure what kind of drawing style I should go with.

The prologue was intentionally drawn in a sort of old-timey style with a mythical feel to it, but what drawing style would you guys prefer for the actual comic? The styles I'm considering using are the same style as in the prologue, or the more realistic style seen in the character portraits of Fafer and Sacha. Feel free to suggest others if you want, though.

Prologue style:
Realistic style:
I think I'm gonna let it just be a drawn comic. I have kind of a lot of things to do these days, and animating it and adding sound effects is just taking way too much time, so you guys will have to settle for comic pages instead. Heck, maybe this is a good thing? This way you guys won't have to wait until an entire chapter is done, you'll just get a comic page as soon as I finish them, without having to wait to read the entire chapter.
I guess from now on you'll just have to consider the prologue to be sort of a special case since it's the intro to the comic.


Bla bla bla. I make dressup games, write stories, like to sing. Not much else to say, really.

I don't make fanart, and I don't take requests. You can suggest ideas to me, but don't be too surprised if I say no.

Dressup game making and storywriting are both unpredictable and timeconsuming processes, so please don't ask me when my stories or games are done, chances are I don't know the answer. Glitches and writing blocks can show up at any time, and I don't want to disappoint people by giving a deadline that I won't be able to keep.
Yes, I know, I ask a lot of questions about the 10th Deity these days, but that's because I've started working on it again. So, I've decided to start drawing up the first page of chapter 1 today, but then I realised that I'm not entirely sure what kind of drawing style I should go with.

The prologue was intentionally drawn in a sort of old-timey style with a mythical feel to it, but what drawing style would you guys prefer for the actual comic? The styles I'm considering using are the same style as in the prologue, or the more realistic style seen in the character portraits of Fafer and Sacha. Feel free to suggest others if you want, though.

Prologue style:
Realistic style:

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Valravna Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hei, ville berre seie at eg elskar spela dine, og historia rundt diverse ting. Eg brukar ofte enkelte av påkledingspela dine til inspirasjon når eg teiknar diverse av figurane mine når eg ikkje er sikker på kva dei skal ha på. Eg og ei kanadisk venninne har lenge delt dukker laga med dine dukkelagarar med kvarandre.
Niobesnuppa Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Tusen takk, glad du liker dem. :)
BlackDiamond13 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015
I'm absolutely in love with your involvement in Norse mythological themed games and art! It's hard to find more than just "viking" themed things, which are, not always very accurate in portrayal. 
I just really admire you for your authenticity with the Norse mythology stuff asjdflkjasdlf seeing as you're from Norway n shit that's hella cool
Niobesnuppa Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015
Thank you. :) I agree, there's way too much art out there that's labeled as "viking" which only relies on stereotypes, sometimes not even the correct stereotypes. I once saw a picture of a "Viking woman" here on DeviantArt. She was wearing Celtic war paint, a massive set of fantasy armour, and she had a mohawk. I don't even know where to begin with how much is wrong with that, but either way, there was nothing Viking about her, she looked more Celtic than anything else.
There's a downside to being interested in real Norse mythology, though. It attracts a lot of nazis. =\ It's a pity that they've been able to claim Norse mythology for themselves and made it shameful, but that's kind of what I'm trying to work on, trying to make Norse mythology clean again and work towards making Norse mythology something that everyone can be interested in without everyone thinking you're a nazi. I saw a quote in a book about Norse myths once that I think is really true. It went something like "After World War II, we punished the thieves who stole our cultural heritage, but we never took back what they stole".
ringenes-herre Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah that is kinda sad. I love Norse mythology, but most people assume it's because of Marvel or whatever. I'm part Norwegian, by the way, so Nordic pride! 
Niobesnuppa Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2015
Yeah, it's a pity. I wish someone would make a proper, accurate movie about Norse mythology. Greek mythology has loads of those movies, but Norse mythology seems to only get stereotypes.
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Firecat15 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015
Do you like Kung Fu Panda? If so, see my journal NOW.
HPTimeyWimey Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You're really good at this! Two questions, though; Do you sketch out your artwork before finishing it digitally? What programs do you use for your art?
Niobesnuppa Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015
Thank you. I draw sketches beforehand, and then just draw another version in the actual games. For my pictures I usually just use Photoshop, and for my games I use Flash CS3.
TubesAndWires Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015
You have a wonderfully unique style and it shows that you put a lot of thought, research, and effort into everything you do. :)
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