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...The Halloween game wont be finished today. Sorry. However, I can promise that I will finish Shanes section of the game today, as there are only a few clothing items left, and I also added the final backgrounds. Just give me a couple of hours, and it will be complete.
Being Unstoppable Halloween - Iris by Niobesnuppa
Being Unstoppable Halloween - Iris
Sorry about the crappy preview. As some of you may know, my printscreen button stopped working some time ago, along with backspace and apostrophe, so I had to improvise.

These characters belong to me.
Because I can.

Which of my dressup games is your favorite?
Advent calendar of 2012:
Day 23 (Being Unstoppable dressup game): 1
Day 24/Magia Character Creator:
Huldra Maker: 7
Huldrefolk Maker: 6
Nøkken Maker: 6
Arctic Couple Maker: 2
Nisse Maker:
Harpy Maker:
Queenly Portrait Maker: 5

Which country are you from? (dont feel like writing down all the countries in the world, so Ill just write them down as they get mentioned)
USA: 15
Sweden: 4
Norway: 1
Finland: 1
Germany: 1
Austria: 1
Poland: 1
Colombia: 1
Turkey: 1
Australia: 1
New Zealand: 1
Canada: 1

How many languages do you speak?
1: 13
2: 9
3: 5
4: 2
5: 2
5+: 1

I guess Ill fill in my own info too; I dont have a favorite of my own games, I am from Norway and I speak fluently Norwegian, English, to some extent Swedish and Danish (I understand them perfectly and can pronounce Swedish words with ease, but when I try to speak them I tend to get mixed up with Norwegian words since Norwegian is so similar), and a tiny bit of French and Icelandic.
So, for Halloween there will be a small Being Unstoppable game featuring various Halloween costumes. I need suggestions, so if you have any wish to see any of the characters in a particular costume, do tell.

These are the characters that will be in the game and the styles they will feature:
-Veronica, casual costume
-Mette, innocent/childish costume
-Benny, pop culture stuff
-Shane, historical costumes
-Iris, sexy costumes

Keep in mind that all characters will have clothing options that arent any specific costume but can be used to put together something, though.

Edit: Come on guys, dont you have any opinion on this? No specific costumes you want to see any of the characters in? These costumes can also include cosplays.
Rikke by Niobesnuppa
This is the main character of my fantasy novel Fimbulvinter. Her name is Rikke Bjarg. Her parents are divorced, and she is a bit of a problem child who doesnt really have any friends and who frequently skips school to avoid her classmates who bully her. She is a very tall girl, around 185 cm (6 feet) and has a boyish body shape, and she has a tendency to always look mildly surprised due to her facial structure. Rikke and her family have a mysterious past that Rikke wants to find out about, but her mother is very tightlipped about it all. Then, out of nowhere a strange man shows up who seems to know something about where she came from and seems to want her to know, and that is what sets the story into motion.

Small excerpt of chapter 2 where Rikke is first introduced: (keep in mind that this was translated from Norwegian, so there will be some mistakes and awkward-sounding sentences here and there)

"Rikke sat alone in the school yard. Normally she would stay away from the school area, but since there was a minor blizzard there were no students or teachers who were willing to be outside. Only Rikke. A smile slowly stretched across her face. It was cold, but there was also something reassuring about it, as if the snow was some sort of protective duvet that hid Rikke from all the people she did not want to associate with.
The snow lay in glittering dunes over the benches, and lay draped over the ugly school buildings so they resembled gingerbread houses, so unlike the grey and gloomy atmosphere Rikke typically associated with the place. It was so peaceful and quiet out there, not a single sound to be heard besides the whistling of the wind. She imagined she was in Antarctica, far away from civilisation and all the disgusting people who inhabited it. Just her and the penguins.
A mocking laughter broke the silence, and Rikke's smile quickly faded. Her hands clenched into fists in her pockets as the waited for the inevitable. They would walk into the school yard, they would see her, and now she had trapped herself. She was all alone, no one to hide behind. She couldn't sneak out either, because they stood between her and the exit."



Bla bla bla. I make dressup games, write stories, like to sing. Not much else to say, really.

I don't make fanart, and I don't take requests. You can suggest ideas to me, but don't be too surprised if I say no.

Dressup game making and storywriting are both unpredictable and timeconsuming processes, so please don't ask me when my stories or games are done, chances are I don't know the answer. Glitches and writing blocks can show up at any time, and I don't want to disappoint people by giving a deadline that I won't be able to keep.
...The Halloween game wont be finished today. Sorry. However, I can promise that I will finish Shanes section of the game today, as there are only a few clothing items left, and I also added the final backgrounds. Just give me a couple of hours, and it will be complete.

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