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December 24, 2012
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Day 23:
Day 1-22:

NOTE: Since so many people keep missing this, I figured I'd add this here: to equip the staffs you have to press the "Long" and "Short" buttons. I'm not sure why everyone keeps missing these buttons, but here you go.

Merry Christmas!

This game was originally supposed to be inside the Advent Calendar, but the sheer size of it made the entire file crash every time I tried to do something and the number of layers made it very difficult to properly arrange the other games in the calendar, so I had to seperate them. I'll be honest, I really didn't want to seperate them because it looks kind of cheap, but I guess I didn't have much choice.

Like the info in the game says, this is the setting of my currently unnamed story idea, which will be made into a comic as soon as I have the manuscript ready. Before that I may upload a bunch of character sheets or something. Pretty much all the characters that will appear in this story are pretty old, some being made up when I was 9, others when I was 13, so the fashion in this game is somewhat influenced by what my characters originally wore back when they were first made up.

The people in this game live in the village of Magia. Magia is located right next to a mountain range on the coast of Antarctica (in a fictional earth, that is), and one mountain in particular, known as mount Vitivonai ("white guardian" in the Magian language) is sacred to them; they dedicate dances and songs to it, and they bury their dead on a flat area on this mountain.
The weather in Magia is always cold and usually very windy. They only have two months without snow, and temperatures can drop dangerously low during the winter. As such, the Magians have used their powers to build underground houses, with tents over them to keep them from getting snowed in. Magia also does a lot of trade with the southern islands belonging to the Muanese empire, trading to them such things as clothing dye, spices, metal tools and the like in exchange for their magic potions and other exotic things that can only be found in Antarctica. Due to the trade, Magia has become a lot more diverse than it otherwise would be.

The inspiration for this fictional culture comes from many places, but the original inspiration were geomancers from Final Fantasy, Scandinavian nisser, and traditional Sami clothing, as well as the original outfits these characters wore (obviously). Later inspiration has included Inuits, Vikings and Mongolian nomads.

If you come across some layer issues with certain hairstyle and coat combinations on the male doll, my suggestion is you either pick a different hairstyle or a different coat.
Also, regarding the black lips that have gotten some complaints on DollDivine; they're tattooed black, it's not makeup. It's a part of their traditional "animal markings" tattoos which cover their lips and surround their eyes. It's sort of a rite of passage for Magians to get those tattoos, and that's why I didn't add the option to remove them, because a person wouldn't be considered a proper Magian if they didn't have those tattoos. Not sure if any of the DollDivine members are gonna see this, but if you do and you have a premium membership on DollDivine (I don't have a PayPal account. >_<), feel free to mention it to people if they're asking about it. I realise I didn't quite make it clear that the black lips are also a part of their tattoos.
And the underwear which has also been mentioned a couple of times: I didn't think I'd even have to explain this one, but they live in Antarctica. It's cold all year round, so this is normal underwear for them. I know some of you would prefer that they wear a bra and panties, but that's just not gonna happen, they don't wear our modern Western type of underwear in Magia, they wear this. I like to keep my games authentic.

If you want to post a screenshot anywhere, please link to this game in the description.
Also, I just have to thank DollDivine for featuring this on her website. Seeing my game on such a popular website is amazing, and my art has gotten a lot more attention because of this. So thank you very much.

Please DO NOT write stories based on this game. This is the setting of one of my own stories, I have spent years putting the fictional culture, designs and language together, and before you even ask, I do not approve of anyone taking this material and claiming it as their own.
I have already been asked this by two people, and the answer is a strong and definite NO.
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