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June 4
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Edit: I know about the grey eye glitch, please stop commenting about it, I dont have any way to fix it at this point.

This was my attempt at creating a photorealistic dressup game, and the first game I've ever made where most of the art was drawn in Photoshop, usually the art is mainly drawn in Flash.
This is probably the most complex game Ive ever made (the coding was a real pain in the ass, if I may say so myself), but I like the result. The clothes in this game are a mixture of Rococo, Baroque, Victorian, Napoleon era, Medieval period, Renaissance, and a bit of fantasy thrown in for good measure.

If you want to save your image, I suggest either taking a screenshot with the Prt Sc key, or going to the game on DollDivine and clicking the grey half circle in the top left corner, which saves and crops the image for you.
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YunaDarkrayne Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
Very nice. I love this.
Princess-Canada Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  New member
I love your games and your art! I hope you keep making them for a loooong time!
Niobesnuppa Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
Thank you.
FaceMeetsPalm Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Student Writer
This is gorgeous!  So fun to play with. <3

I hope it's not presumptuous of me to ask: Are you planning to make a Kingly Portrait Maker at all? =)
Niobesnuppa Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
There will eventually be a Kingly Portrait Maker, but it will take some time before its done. Right now I just need a break from these photorealistic games, this was so difficult and timeconsuming to make.
Roselynnn Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
Dear, most of the eyes don't seem to work at all.

The facial features; face shapes could be more distinct, they have hardly any difference between them.
Tattoo choices seem odd for this time period? Even for fantasy it seems slightly odd for my eyes.
The corset and long hair don't stack well, some of the hair goes missing.
Sleeve puffs stack?

The column where you choose the body, the hair and such is hard to read with the text that way, perhaps icons would have been better?

This is certainly complex, too complex, actually. Pages upon pages of details to choose from and the way the choices and colours on the pages are placed is confusing and overwhelming. It has enough content for, say, 4-6 games. It's too much, you could have made it much less for better results. It's really difficult to see everything, because many choices are so small.

Otherwise, it is well made. Most things seem to work, the art on the canvas is nice, and there are many details to choose from. I don't really agree with you adding fantasy elements into it, and so many pet and other extra choices, and the placement of the said choices, but I still like it. It is a tad smudgy, but perhaps it is what you went for, since it's for a portrait.

Very nice.
Niobesnuppa Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
I know, Ive adressed that glitch in the description. Not much I can do about it now, unfortunately, the Flash file is too big and unstable to work on at this point.

Thats how realism is; realistic faces cant really be as varied as more cartoonish faces. I tried to make them as varied as possible without making it look unnatural.
Well, thats your opinion, I guess, but lets remember that fantasy can mean so many things.
I know. That could have been fixed, but if I fixed it it would further interfere with other items and made the file even bigger and more unstable, and so I chose to keep it simple; if you want to use the longer hairstyles, youll either have to drop the corset, or photoshop it afterwards.

Again, I cant make any changes to this game. When creating such massive games you always have to make compromises. It might look a bit messy to some, but it works.

Again, thats your opinion. I personally prefer games that have a lot of options, smaller games bore me. Its also worth mentioning that this seems to be my most popular game yet, with people still making dolls frequently, so clearly people seem to like having a lot of options.

Its smudgy because the game file is over 200 mb. If I made all the artwork super detailed, the Flash file would have crashed and become unusable. Before I started pixellating the artwork, the SWF game file was 50 mb big. Now its 16, which makes the overall game run a lot quicker.
And as for the fantasy elements: this game was never intended to be a strictly historical game, its just a game where you can make royal women, regardless of wether those women come from real or made-up cultures.
Roselynnn Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
I understand that, they're just things and suggestions you might want to keep an eye out for your next game.
Something you could learn from.

Humans do naturally have more variation than this.
True, but my point was that in the contrast of the style that the rest of the game has, it is strange. Lacks consistency in that matter.

And again, I understand that. But I find that perhaps the game should be smaller so it'd bring out all your hard work better. Sure, it works, but it's something you might want to improve on for a next game. It wouldn't hurt.

What good is a ton of details if they are lost when compiling the game itself?
That said, again, having a little less options could help.

I never doubted it's popularity, or that people don't like having a lot of options, I am just trying to help you by telling you exactly what I find could be improved when you consider making a new game.

I can understand that as well, it is again something you might find a better solution for, if you'd like.
Sure, but given how majority of the game follow a historical style and vibe, certain other elements don't really fit in.
My point with the extra choices was, that instead of having so many of them, you could have left them out, reducing the file size, and made for a clearer result.

All I've said or pointed out is merely done because it could be something you could improve on, or take into consideration in the future, I do not expect you to alter this one, nor do I assume you didn't have a reason for it being the way it is.

I might have repeated some arguments several times here as I've answered, sorry.
Niobesnuppa Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
You leave incredibly long comments, but heres my answer: I am done working on this game, this game is massively unstable due to the size, and I honestly think youre the only one who would be satisfied if I removed two thirds of the clothing options, because believe it or not, I and most of the people Ive spoken to prefer big games to small games and people are ALWAYS asking for more options if I make small games. I got paid twice my usual amount, and this has proven to be by far my most popular game despite two of the 100+ commenters saying its not good enough. With all due respect, I think Im gonna listen to my own opinion and the statistics rather than the 1% of comments that are negative (And guess what? There were far more negative comments when my older games were released than on this one). A lot of the stuff youve said is certainly a valid opinion, but considering the fact that judging by most of the comments it seems the majority disagree with many of your points, its hard for me to really know if I should listen to the majority or the one person who disagrees. I make these games for fun and to challenge myself, and earning the money and getting good feedback is just a bonus. It might sound selfish to you, but when I make my games I dont cater to ANYONE. This is not my job, this is a hobby I earn some extra cash from. I may occasionally ask for opinions on which game people would like me to make first, but I dont take requests and I make the games the way I want to make them without any compromises, because if I made compromises everytime someone disagreed, there would be no cultural differences between any of my games because everyone is always asking for modern-day clothing or modern day underwear and modern day American hairstyles and whatnot in my Norse-themed games. Im not gonna change my game-making in a way that would make it much less fun for me by dropping most of my ideas just because one person doesnt like big games. You know what? If you like small games, play some small games, the vast majority of dressup games out there are fairly small, but I happen to be one of the few who specialises in big character creators rather than the small dressup games.
I recognise that Im being ignorant and selfish, but you know what? I dont care. Making dressup games is my passion, and Ive always done them the way I personally deem best, and I dont think making these games would be nearly as fun for me if I had to drop my own ideas in favour of catering to others. Does that mean I think I cant improve? Hell no! I always can and should improve, but telling me my most recent and most popular game yet is not as good as the old ones that I can clearly see Ive improved from is counter-productive. Keep criticising as much as you like, but Im striving for MY definition of perfection, not for other peoples definition.
Have a good day.
Roselynnn Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
Some part of this particular message, is intentionally written with CAPS-LOCK, so you'd perhaps see the weight of those words I mean them to have. Please don't take it like I'd be yelling at you. For a personal note, it is long, but at least it has spaces in it. 

I do apologize for that, I have a lot to say sometimes. 

As I said, I do not expect you to do anything you do not want to. 
I do not expect you to repair it, change it, or even listen to me if you don't like, such is fine, but please calm down.

If you like having a lot of options, that's fine, but I suggested cutting some of it down because you complained the file was too big and unstable. Other than that, just organizing huge games like this more clearly would do wonders. Again, I do not expect you to do anything, nor will I blame you for anything. It's your work, your hobby, your views. No need to get all upset about it, if I wanted to share my opinion and help out by doing so, you don't have to listen to me in the slightest.

Again, I didn't ask for such, I did not. 
And that makes absolutely no sense, since I commented how there are themes in this game that don't fit the rest.
Like modern to Norse, you pointed out.

Just because it is a big game does not give you an excuse to get so upset for someone criticizing it. It does not.

It could be more organized. If it's too large or unstable, get rid of something, or find a new and better platform. Internet is full of things that could help you, and people who'd like to share their opinion so it might help you out, don't get so defensive.
I am not trying to insult you here, if you can't take it, perhaps that's time for self-reflection, because believe it or not, I'm not doing this to ruin your day or belittle your work. I'm doing this FOR YOU.

You know what? I never claimed such, nor do I blame you for being who you are! I do not blame your work, you, your skills, NOTHING. I am giving you my opinion, to use as you please, for yourself. You do not have to take it, but getting so mad at a comment which pointed out things for you to improve on if you care, is not very proper. I never said you didn't have skill, or you didn't have your own style, or that it was really bad, or that it was unpopular, or that you'd suck. I claimed NONE of that.

I did not ask you to do such things, so quit the rage. That IS how you should create, but why do you get so incredibly upset, WHEN I, NOR DID THE OTHER PERSON I POINTED OUT BEFORE, SAID NONE OF THOSE THINGS. 
For Goodness's sake, stop getting so upset over it!
I did not assume you couldn't improve, I was pointing out that perhaps some of the critique could HELP YOU.

I DID NOT. I repeat- I did NOT claim this game worse than the previous, did you not read my comment at all!?
I told you that some aspects of even my own old work can be better than the newest one's, NOT ALL, and it certainly does NOT make it any worse. You either learn from it, or not. If you feel like you've succeeded better great for you, but take a chill pill and calm down if someone else feels you did maybe ONE thing better in the last which made them prefer the older one. It doesn't make the new worse!

I gave you critique for yourself to use as and if you please.
I still don't expect you to use it if you don't want, and if you don't like it that's FINE.
I'll still keep watching your newest work, but if you get that upset from critique, perhaps it's better I say nothing to you after this. If you can't take critique, don't read comments at all. 

I wrote this for your sake and for your sake only. 
It has, from the very beginning, been wrote with only good intentions.
I purposely read my own comments, every time I've written them, again for several times, to make sure I didn't accidentally insult you. I've been calm, understanding, and rational about this.

I'm sorry if you feel I wasn't.

Good day.
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